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Idina Menzel: ‘I’m capable of doing more than Broadway’

Idina Menzel wants her new album to show people she’s “capable” of singing more than just musical theatre.
The 45-year-old star found fame in Tony-award winning shows Rent and Wicked, and has also won critical acclaim with her vocals in Disney’s Frozen, notably its track Let It Go. She hasn’t had as much success recording her own material though, and her first two albums were made out-of-copy due to poor sales.
But she’s giving solo stardom another go with new album idina., which hit shelves in September (16) and shows fans a different side to the singer.
“I’ve never really had a big hit song, I’ve had Frozen but I’ve never really had a song of my own that was at the top of the charts,” she told Billboard. “I’m totally happy with all of the successes and things that I’ve achieved, but it would just be the cherry on top if people would let me depart for a minute from the theatre background, and let me do the other things that really influence me, and reward me for those. Because I think I’m really capable, but I think there’s a stigma about being from Broadway that makes it hard for people to listen to you with that integrity, with that peace.”
She recognises it may be easier for her to stick to one genre of music for her whole career, but Idina wants to capture personal experiences through her music. And for once the performer isn’t hiding behind a character.
“Whether you’re in green make-up (like in Wicked) or speaking or singing someone else’s words, it’s still me up there,” she said. “It’s still the vulnerable, insecure performer inside that has to find enough strength to peel away all the layers and let herself be seen, and that’s tied into the whole theme of the album.”

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