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Idina Menzel stunned by movie star crush Matt Damon

Matt Damon left Idina Menzel stunned during her appearance on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (05Oct16) when he appeared via satellite to chat to her.
The Frozen star told Kimmel – Damon’s longtime TV adversary – she had always had a huge crush on the actor, and told the host she once met him backstage while starring in the West End transfer of the hit musical Wicked.
“I was in London doing Wicked and all my friends in the cast knew that I had this movie star crush on Matt Damon and every night they’d say, ‘Matt Damon’s in the audience tonight’, so I’d, like, hit the high note for Matt Damon,” Idina explained, “and he was never there.”
“Finally, one night, they said he really is and we’re not lying… it turned out he got the tickets for his mom and dad. Not cool.”
But The Bourne Ultimatum star did eventually show up: “He came backstage and I got the green makeup off and he was there with his wife and he looked like he hated Wicked. He just seemed so bored… I think he hated me.”
Kimmel then reluctantly introduced Damon, who he claimed was waiting in a dressing room backstage, via satellite and the movie star insisted he was a big fan, stating, “I’m kinda hurt by this. I loved Wicked and I loved Idina in it.”
Damon then offered to join Menzel and Kimmel in the studio but the host quickly shut him down and cut off his audio.

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