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American Idol – FOX

In its first five seasons, American Idol has caused mass hysteria, and its finale is consistently nothing short of television’s entertainment biz’ Super Bowl. There are celebrity guests, lights, confetti, controversy, ill-timed commercial breaks and, oh yeah, singing.

It could be argued that to be crowned the winner is somewhat irrelevant, an extra perk on top of the more major mission: becoming an Idol cult favorite–i.e., a household name, long before the final votes are cast. Runner-up, positive pop prince, Clay Aiken has undoubtedly surpassed the velvet-voiced teddy bear who beat him, Ruben Studdard, in terms of headlines, recent album sales and strength of fan base. And who predicted that, perhaps, the biggest star of the bunch would be this season’s It girl, Jennifer Hudson, an ambitious songstress whom the American people voted-off well before the final round.

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If the flaming fire for season six has needed any added fuel, loopy judge Paula Abdul–caught acting, curiously, a little Danny DeVito-like while promoting the show on FOX’s Morning News–will definitely provide it. With her new Bratz movie deal added to the plate, will the sensitive judge spiral up, or down, this season alongside Randy and Simon?

But no matter who acts erratic or who makes it big, the fact remains that the show itself is a complete thrilling journey from start to finish. American Idol – Season 6 begins tonight on FOX, which for, three weeks, will air many rounds of auditions, both the dazzling and destructive ones.

American Idol airs tonight and tomorrow at 8/7c on FOX.

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