Iggy Azalea claps back at critics who accuse her of neglecting music career


Iggy Azalea has hit back at critics who have accused her of prioritising Instagram uploads over her music.

The Australian rapper, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, has been rather quiet when it comes to new music and has yet to release Surviving the Summer, the follow-up album to her 2014 debut The New Classic. This has not gone unnoticed by her fans and Iggy has seemingly issued a response to those who criticise her for uploading risque snaps rather than releasing the record – which has already been postponed twice.

“Say what you want about me posting pictures on instagram but honestly, it gives me something else creative i can focus on – when sometimes im in a dark place or i feel stagnant. Most days i want my project to drop, yesterday! but i dont get to make those choices.” the 28-year-old wrote on Tuesday (19Jun18). “and maybe it’s silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more positive and just keep my mind in a creative space constantly thinking of new visual things and colour palettes. I’m really glad I’ve got something I can do without needing permission. because if it were up to me id be releasing songs at the same rate i post pictures.”

Iggy’s sophomore effort was originally slated to drop on 2 June, but was delayed until 30 June, It is now scheduled for a 6 July release. The Fancy hitmaker previously explained that changes in the management of her record label Island Records was the reason for the hold up, and insisted that she is very keen to release new music.

“I really care about music and all creative things in my life genuinely,” she explained, emphasising that the delay has been just as frustrating for her. “please know im doing everything i can.”