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Iggy Pop urges Yale University president to halt cruel songbirds research

Punk icon Iggy Pop is spearheading a new campaign to halt a Yale University researcher’s “wasteful, useless, and unspeakably cruel” stress tests on wild songbirds.
The Lust For Life singer has sent a letter to university president Peter Salovey, on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), urging him to pull Christine Lattin’s research.
The animal rights group’s bosses claim Lattin has trapped wild songbirds and “chemically damaged their adrenal glands” for her tests since 2008.
“To top it off, after weeks and sometimes months of this abuse, the birds are then snuffed out, killed, as if their lives meant nothing,” he writes. “Birds have great intelligence and social needs that are as important to them as our own are to us… Please let me hear that Yale University will immediately act to stop these unethical experiments.”

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