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Intoxication ruled as Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder’s cause of death

Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O’neill died from an overdose of prescription medication, coroners have ruled.
The musician was found dead in a Florida hotel room on 5 April (17) after battling poor health for months, according to multiple reports, but now the Tampa medical examiner has discovered he actually died from accidental intoxication.
According to the autopsy report, obtained by TMZ.com, the 61-year-old had a mix of painkillers methadone and codeine, anxiety medication diazepam, and doxylamine, an antihistamine, in his system at the time of his passing.
Other contributing factors included mild heart disease, hypertension, and moderate hardening of the arteries.
The findings emerge weeks after representatives from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra attributed his death to “chronic illness”.
O’Neill founded the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a band famous for its heavy rock versions of Christmas tunes, in 1996.

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