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Jackie Chan had to perfect English so he could understand The Foreigner co-star

Jackie Chan had to work with a dialect coach to perfect his English for new movie The Foreigner.
The martial arts superstar plays a vengeful businessman in the new Martin Campbell film, and his preparation for the role included language lessons – so he would be able to follow co-star Pierce Brosnan’s Irish brogue.
“I had a dialect coach teaching me all the English,” Jackie tells WENN. “I also have to understand what Pierce is speaking because he has a very different accent. I have to know when is my dialogue (sic).”
And then, when filming started, Jackie was constantly reminded to slow it down – because he was playing an older man.
“The director also told me to move slowly because I am not Jackie Chan. I don’t know why he made me so old!” he laughs. “The first day I’m in make-up for five hours and the director kept saying, ‘Not enough, more older (sic)!’ Even in the fighting, I have to stop to breathe rather than boom! That probably makes the movie work.”
The action film, which also features Katie Leung, Rufus Jones, and Mark Tandy, was released last month.

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