Jackie Chan Stunned by Oscar After Giving up on Dream Nomination


Jackie Chan was stunned to learn he had been chosen as the recipient of an honorary Oscar last year (16), because he gave up on his dream to win an Academy Award years ago.

The Rush Hour star admits there were years he wanted to attend the Oscars but couldn’t get an invite.

“When I get an Oscar I don’t believe it (sic),” he tells WENN. “Why me? I’m just making a cheap action comedy movie. Those kind of Oscars go to Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro

“I asked the chairman of the Oscar, ‘Why me?’ He said, ‘Because you do so many things, not just for acting but for animals, for your charity. For 50 years we’ve been looking for you…’

“I never thought I would win something (like this). In the old days I tried to come to the Oscars for so many years that I gave up. Then suddenly, Oscar came to me. That’s why I tell my young children to do the best you can and years later the money, the fame, the awards come to you.”

Chan was presented with his Oscar at the Governors Awards in November, 2016, while his accolade was mentioned during the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony.