Jaime King and Other Celebs Weigh in on Viral United Airlines Video

Jaime King

Actress Jaime King has vowed never to fly with United Airlines again after a doctor was forcibly removed from an overbooked plane on Sunday (09Apr17).

The Pearl Harbor star and several other celebrities took to Twitter on Monday (10Apr17) after news of the drama broke, and she insists she will make sure United no longer features on her travel plans.

“Hey @united – never flying on your airline again,” she wrote. “Know I’m not the only one. Your statement is abhorrently vague & without accountability.”

The drama prompting the outcry took place on the tarmac at an airport in Chicago, Illinois, where passengers learned staff had overbooked the flight to Kentucky and four volunteers had to give up their seats for United employees who had to be in Louisville on Monday.

When no one volunteered four people were chosen by the computer at random and three of them left the plane. The fourth, a doctor, refused to get off and staff were forced to call airport police, who ripped the man out of his seat, banging his head in the process.

In video of the disturbing incident posted online by an outraged passenger, the bloodied doctor can he heard howling in pain as cops drag him down the aisle by his arms.

“We followed the right procedures,” United spokesman Charlie Hobart told the Associated Press. “That plane had to depart. We wanted to get our customers to their destinations, and when one gentleman refused to get off the aircraft, we had to call the Chicago Police Department.”

An official statement reads: “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. We apologize for the overbook situation. Further details on the removed customer should be directed to authorities.”

Filmmaker Joss Whedon boarded a United flight on Monday as the news broke, and sarcastically admitted he felt lucky to be on board, joking: “Getting on a United flight this morning. Excited to, I don’t know… stay on?”

He added: “For the comfort and safety of the other passengers, please remember we will be resorting to cannibalism BY GROUP NUMBER.”

And Frozen star Josh Gad, who used the airline last week (ends07Apr17), added: “Having flown #united last week, I feel very blessed to not be tweeting this message from a hospital bed.”

Chrissy Teigen also weighed in, tweeting: “cannot wait to use ‘i will re-accommodate your ass’ in my next fight.”

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