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Jake Bugg adds fuel to Noel Gallagher feud

Rocker Jake Bugg has escalated his feud with Britpop icon Noel Gallagher.
The High Flying Birds frontman was initially an early cheerleader for Jake, but was unimpressed when he found out Jake had worked with a co-writer on his first album. The discovery resulted in Noel aiming his famously barbed remarks at the singer.
The Lightning Bolt singer has now hit back at the man he toured with at the start of his career, slamming his former hero as producing inferior music.
“Noel’s last album is pretty c**p though, innit?” he tells Britain’s NME magazine. “I’m not upset about it because it’s just Noel – he’ll slag off Ed Sheeran and then be at a party with him the next week. It’s just the way he is.”
Noel told editors at Britain’s ShortList magazine last year (15): “I remember when Jake came on tour with me, it was great, and he was like ‘The Great White Hope’, to coin a phrase.
“He gave me his album backstage, middle of Europe. I was flicking through it, and was like, ‘Who’s this other f**king guy in the credits?’ I was heartbroken in a way, f**king heartbroken.”
The former Oasis rocker will be able to judge Jake’s latest album On My One when it is released later this year (16). One track which will not be appearing on the record however is a collaboration with the Beastie Boys’ Mike D, which had to be scrapped after the hip hop star failed to finish his work on it.
“He (Mike) was doing a track of mine,” Jake says. “But I still haven’t b**ody got it back. Do you know what it’s called? ‘Waiting’. Can you believe that? It’s like f**king taking the p**s.”

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