Jake Gyllenhaal fought off jet lag to master hard new play lines during gruelling Spider-Man press tour

Jake Gyllenhaal went the extra mile to prepare for his challenging new play Sea Wall / A Life during his gruelling global press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home.
The American star, who appears alongside Tom Sturridge in the Broadway production, had the challenge of learning several lengthy monologues for the drama and was tasked with perfecting a British accent, and he took every rare lull he had to perfect the role.
“I just recently came back from this big long press tour all around the world (for Spider-Man: Far From Home) in different time zones, and I would come from the airport, and I would do the piece in traffic if I was in Seoul or London or wherever, headed to some radio interview or something,” he tells Vulture. “I would do it when I would wake up and I couldn’t sleep.”
Despite all the practice, the 38 year old is still nervous when approaching the lines and has kept up his routine even during the show’s run.
“I do it, still, whenever I wake up, even if it’s in an unconscious state,” he adds. “It’s rare that I think a performer gets the opportunity to do something again and to rediscover certain things.”
Sea Wall / A Life previewed at the close of July (19) and will host its opening night on 8 August before closing on 29 September.