You Really Need To Watch James Corden’s Justin Bieber Soap Opera

U.S. late night host James Corden has created a star-studded Justin Bieber soap opera.

The Late, Late Show presenter enlisted the help of actors Salma Hayek, Ray Romano, and Gary Oldman to perform in a family based drama, titled ‘The Bold and the Lyrical’ whose script was entirely based on Justin’s lyrics.

The soap opera began with Ray sitting on a sofa feeding the Frida star strawberries and declaring, “If I were your boyfriend, I’d never let you go,” and included lines from the pop star’s songs including, Boyfriend, What Do You Mean?, Sorry, Baby and Love Yourself.

The sketch, which was introduced by the host announcing that the Canadian singer had joined his writing staff, centred on Salma’s character’s complicated love life with James, the Everybody Loves Raymond star and Gary playing lovers Salma’s character had been unfaithful to.

One particular high point in the comedy melodrama occurred when the cast had to pull up Ray after he lapsed into expressing his fury through One Direction lyrics rather than Justin’s, saying, “Everybody wanna steal my girl, everybody wanna take her heart away.”

Apart from that brief mishap, the actors and funnyman acted their hearts out without deviating from the Sorry singer’s words.

Since James begun hosting The Late Late Show last year (15), he and Justin have struck up a strong friendship.

The pop musician was one of the first stars to take part in the immensely popular Car Pool Karaoke segment of the program, which sees the host sing along to hits with a celebrity while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The pair returned to sing motorised duets together for a third time before the Grammy Awards in February (16).

In December last year (15) the pair also made fun of their friendly relationship when Justin turned up to present the Late Late Show, only for its regular host to angrily interrupt him while dressed in a bathrobe.