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James Corden defends Peter Rabbit after criticism

James Corden is certain Beatrix Potter’s estate granted approval for his movie Peter Rabbit due to its inclusive themes.
The talk show host voices the animated Peter Rabbit in the new family movie, the first time Potter’s creation has been portrayed on the big screen. He believes the reason those who control the estate of the British author, who died in 1943, approved their film adaptation when they’ve turned down multiple offers before, is because of the narrative’s message of acceptance.
“I think the reason that the Beatrix Potter estate gave permission to this film over others is there’s so many vignettes in the film that come from lots and lots of the stories, but ultimately I think the film’s actually about, with all the big comic set pieces and pratfalls and all those things, what it’s actually about is acceptance,” he told WENN at the London premiere on Sunday (11Mar18).
“Lots of times you would think that someone’s differences to you mean that you can’t get on, you would build a wall and go, ‘Well this is mine, that’s yours and you don’t come in here.’ Actually, if you accept your differences, you’ll find a lot more similarities, whether that’s a relationship between a rabbit and person or a person and a person.”
His comments come shortly after Matthew Dennison, who wrote a biography of Beatrix Potter, told The Guardian that Potter would not have approved of her character’s portrayal as a “bully”, as he takes on Domhnall Gleeson’s Thomas McGregor in a territorial fight over the food in his vegetable patch.
The Irish actor told reporters the estate allowed their film to go ahead because they “thought the script was right and represented it properly” while director Will Gluck said he was determined to remain loyal to the spirit of the books with his film adaptation and believes the Peter Rabbit depicted onscreen is the one he grew up reading.
Peter Rabbit, which also features the voices of Daisy Ridley, Margot Robbie, and Elizabeth Debicki, hits U.K. cinemas on Friday.

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