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James Deen has no hard feelings towards Lindsay Lohan after on-set fight

Last week (11Jan13) one of the pair’s practice sessions from Paul Schrader’s upcoming erotic thriller leaked online, and during the clip Lohan can be heard shouting: “Let’s act, come on, I know it’s for fun for you, but let’s do it… Please James, say your line as you’re walking over… cause we’re doing rehearsal… Do your f**king job!”

The recording led many to believe the Mean Girl’s star was a disaster to work with, but now porn star Deen has spoken out to insist he was mostly to blame for the argument.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, he explains Lohan got “frustrated” when he casually said he was just doing the low-budget movie “for fun”, and he admits his comment likely struck a nerve with the star, who is struggling to revive her career.

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He says, “I told her I was doing the movie for fun, meaning I wanted to get personal satisfaction out of making a Brett Easton Ellis script come to life. She took it along the lines of me not caring. She got offended by that, like I was insulting her craft.”

And Deen reveals he would even be open to re-teaming with her again: “I have no complaints about her. If I was offered another movie with her in it, I wouldn’t turn it down.”

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