James Franco’s New Movie Features His Original Artwork, Too

Why Him, Bryan Cranston, James Franco
20th Century Fox

James Franco designed the tattoos and created the artwork used in his new movie Why Him?

The 127 Hours star plays a tattooed billionaire who falls for the daughter of Bryan Cranston‘s character in the comedy, and Franco reveals the skin art was all his creation.

The 38-year-old, who does not have any ink in real-life, went all out to give his wild man character a body of art.

“I drew some of them,” he told U.S. breakfast show Today, “and I don’t think this is spoiler, but there’s a big tattoo on my back of the whole family (in the movie that I designed).”

The multi-talented artist, filmmaker, author and college professor also donated some of his paintings to the film: “There’s a bunch of kind of silly paintings on the wall…,” he says. “Some of them have been sold. They’re just replicas of the ones that have been sold.”