James McAvoy Reveals The Biggest Problem With His ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Role

James McAvoy, X-Men Apocalypse
20th Century Fox

James McAvoy had to grow his hair again after people recognised his bald X-Men alter ego on the street all the time.

The Scottish actor landed one of the biggest roles of his career as Professor Xavier in the mutant movies, originally played by Patrick Stewart. Talking to Empire magazine about whether he can move about in public without being approached, James admits his hair-free appearance in the upcoming instalment gained him more attention than he expected.

“Quite often (I go unrecognised),” he said. “Although when the trailer for Apocalypse came out, that shafted up. I was like, ‘Check me out being bald, nobody f**king recognises me.’ Then the trailer comes out and everyone’s like, ‘Professor X, what’s up?’ I had to start growing my hair again.”

Rating himself on the fame scale, James thinks he’s a six-and-a-half, as many people know who he is but don’t know how.

Quizzed on which two of his films he’d recommend for an alien from outer space to watch, the 37-year-old opted for complete opposites.

“Atonement and Filth,” he listed. “They’re so weirdly different, hopefully the aliens would go, ‘Wow, the same human being can do both these weird things?’ This race is clearly not definable by one thing, therefore we won’t destroy them before we think they’re just violent maniacs. They’re clearly capable of being selfless English people as well!”

James has been happily married to wife Anne-Marie Duff since 2006, and the couple have a son together. He still clearly remembers his first ever movie-crush though from back in the day.

“Kim Cattrall,” he smiled. “Who I know now as well, which is weird. ‘Aw, Kim, I’m so glad we’re friends, but I still totally fancy you.’”