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James Wan to produce Resident Evil reboot

Filmmaker James Wan is helping to revamp the Resident Evil franchise for a whole new audience after boarding the project as a producer.
The movies, adapted from the popular video games of the same name, helped supermodel-turned-actress Milla Jovovich secure her place in Hollywood, with her director husband Paul W. S. Anderson writing and directing each of the six instalments to date.
However, Constantin Film studio chairman Martin Moszkowicz recently revealed the series is set for a complete reboot, and now Deadline.com reports Wan, the man behind the original Saw horror film and action blockbuster Furious 7, has signed on as producer.
Sources claim the new instalments will also feature a whole new cast.
Greg Russo has been tapped to write the script. He and Wan are also working on overhauling the Mortal Kombat franchise, another video game adaptation, for a new set of films.

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