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Jamie Campbell-Bower turns his back on booze

British actor and musician Jamie Campbell-Bower has completely given up alcohol.
The Twilight star may have gone teetotal, but he’s not turning his back on partying just yet. However instead of getting drunk when out, Jamie admits he prefers sipping water while his friends indulge at the bar.
“I don’t drink any more,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “I’m teetotal. I go out and watch everybody getting drunk but just stick to water. I feel much better being sober and it’s wonderful not to be hung-over any more.”
Jamie, who split from on-off girlfriend Lily Collins last year (15), admits his preferred way to let off steam is by playing with his band, Counterfeit, who begin a European tour in April (16).
“Going through the changes that I did (when I quit band The Darling Buds), I came to realise that I’m a bit of angry young man and I needed to vent that and get it out in a way that was cathartic and real,” he told hungertv.com.

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