Jamie Chung delays motherhood by freezing her eggs

Actress Jamie Chung has frozen her eggs so she can take the pressure off becoming a mum.
The Big Hero 6 star, who turns 36 next month (Apr19), isn’t quite ready to start a family with her husband Bryan Greenberg, but she doesn’t want to miss out on motherhood if that’s something she chooses in the years ahead.
“Here I am over a week ago at my doctors office getting an orientation/lesson on how to inject myself with growth hormones,” Jamie captioned a post on Instagram. “One of the first major steps for egg retrieval. I’ve been stewing over the idea of freezing my eggs for a couple of years now, and decided to move forward with the process only just recently.
“I did my research on facilities and then it all boiled down to these deciding factors; I want options.”
She adds: “I’m buying time. I’m unsure and scared and hopeful. I have the best life partner a person can ask for and I know I want to one day raise a child with Bryan. I’m just unsure when that will happen.
“And I realized that’s ok. It’s ok to be unsure when the time is right. And a lot of people have told me that ‘There is no right time. Just do it! What are you waiting for?! It’s the best thing to have ever happened to us!!’ And I believe it all but I’m going at the pace that’s right for me because I’m not ready just yet.”
Chung and Greenberg wed in 2015.