Jamie Foxx planning ‘crazy’ party on an island to celebrate 50th birthday


Jamie Foxx is planning an extravagant party to mark his upcoming 50th birthday.

The actor and musician is one of the busiest stars in Hollywood and is currently promoting new movie Baby Driver and acting as the host of TV quiz show Beat Shazam.

But Jamie is determined to take some time out when he hits the milestone age in December (17), and revealed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (14Jun17) that he’s organizing a huge bash to celebrate.

“I’m going to… I can’t say that on camera. I’m going to go crazy. There’s an island. It’ll be a progression. You know, and down to like my real dawgs (friends). It’ll be family, family, family – ‘OK, y’all get outta here,'” he said.

Host Jimmy couldn’t help make a comparison between Jamie’s plans and the reality TV show Survivor, saying jokingly, “People will be eliminated from the island. Like the reality shows.”

And though the Academy Award winner insisted that he doesn’t “feel old”, he noted that he’s observed a change in the way people perceive him, like at a recent basketball game when player Tristan Thompson referred to him as an “original gangster”.

“I still feel young and goofy. But you know you’re getting older when you run into (younger) people… Like I saw Tristan last year at the game and you know I said, ‘What’s up brother?’ and he’s like, ‘What’s up O.G. (original gangster)?’ I’m like ‘Damn, OK.'”

The Django Unchained star also admitted that he still likes to go out to night clubs, but won’t visit bars in Los Angeles anymore, as the crowd is far too young.

“It’s all young people in clubs in L.A. It’s older people in New York and Miami… I was going to 1 OAK, and as I’m about to walk in, these girls go, ‘Oh, my God! Jamie Foxx!’ I was like, ‘What’s up?’ ‘We go to school with your daughter!'” he laughed.

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