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Jamie-Lynn Sigler takes on dancing role

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler was nervous about her new film role as a 1920s ‘flapper’ because she feared her multiple sclerosis (MS) would get in the way of dancing.
The Sopranos star accepted a part in In the Absence of Good Manners and then started fretting about whether her condition would hamper the physical aspects of the role.
“I said to the director, ‘I don’t know if I can do this because my dancing is limited…’, she tells Access Hollywood Live, “and he’s like, ‘We’re gonna figure it out. Don’t worry’.”
And the actress hopes other directors are willing to work around her condition: “The fact that people are still willing to give me a chance…,” she adds. “If one person is, then hopefully that means more people (will). I’m so grateful.”
Jamie-Lynn is also planning to expand her family after giving birth to son Beau in 2013, and revealing her pregnancy sent her MS into remission.
“I think it’s time,” she says. “We’re definitely ready to expand our family, so hopefully in the near future it will happen for us.”
The actress is married to Cutter Dykstra.

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