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Jane Seymour quit acting after alleged sexual harassment incident

Former Bond girl Jane Seymour didn’t act for a year after she was allegedly sexually harassed by an unnamed producer when she was a young actress.
The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star was invited to the producer’s home to review a screen test for a movie, but when Seymour arrived she was surprised to find herself alone with the Hollywood executive, and she claims the situation quickly became uncomfortable and inappropriate.
“He was really famous, the most powerful man in Hollywood at the time,” she said at a recent charity event in Australia. “He said, ‘I’ve told everyone you’d be perfect for this role… now it’s your turn’, and he put his hands on my thighs. I’m British, so I crossed my legs. Then I kept moving all the way down the couch…
“He was very adamant he was going to have his way. I said, ‘No! Get me a cab immediately!'”
The producer allegedly made her swear to never tell anyone about the incident and “threatened” Jane she would never work again if she did.
“He had that power,” she added. “I went back to England and I quit acting for a year. It was horrifying and frightening.”
Two years later, Seymour attended an event at the producer’s home, but explains he didn’t remember who she was or the fact he propositioned her. However, he subsequently helped cast her in 1980 movie Somewhere In Time, opposite the late actor Christopher Reeve
“If you’re given that sort of proposition and you’re an actress, and you’re ambitious, and you want to go there, fine,” she said. “But if you clearly say no to somebody, that’s no. You don’t threaten somebody’s livelihood. That’s wrong.”
Seymour’s claims come in the middle of a spate of sexual harassment and assault scandals surrounding various people in Hollywood, including producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, and filmmakers Brett Ratner and James Toback.

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