January Jones’ Gym Teacher Father Used Exercise as a Punishment


January Jones’ father would punish her teenage antics by forcing her to do exercise.

The former Mad Men actress had a pretty regular childhood in South Dakota, where she attended school and acted as a lifeguard at the local swimming waterpark.

However, January shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (09Oct17) that she’s never been very active and her former gym teacher dad Marvin Jones would use physical activity as a means of discipline whenever she acted out.

“In high school, if I was caught drinking or having a cigarette, it’s was 20 minutes on the treadmill. Or (he’d say) ‘I’m going to devise this circuit class for you.’ Then I wanted to throw up,” she laughed.

While her father’s methods worked with her two sisters, Jacey and Jina, who are keen runners, January rebelled against the family tradition, explaining, “I never workout, I hate it!”

The 39-year-old also recalled how her father was the physical education teacher at her primary school when they lived in a small town called Hecla, and how he refused to give her any special treatment.

“He didn’t want to play favourites. I was never called as team captain. I got in trouble for calling him dad,” the star added.

Meanwhile, January also divulged that she doesn’t lead a glamorous life on the set of her TV sitcom The Last Man on Earth. Created and starring Will Forte, the actress admitted that he will often subject her to his flatulence.

“He’s like, ‘Jan, Jan‘ – then he will then come and fart next to you. That’s my boss!” she laughed.