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Jason Derulo: ‘Concerts are supposed to be about love and happiness’

Jason Derulo has urged fans not to let the Manchester bombing deter his fans from “the happiness that concerts bring”.
Suicide bomber Salman Abedi set off an improvised explosive device in the box office area of Manchester Arena in the U.K. as concertgoers were leaving after Ariana Grande’s Monday (22May17) concert, killing 22 people and hospitalising 59 more with injuries.
The terrorist incident is the worst the U.K. has seen since the London bombings in July, 2007, but Jason is adamant music fans shouldn’t let it put them off going to watch their idols in action.
“Concerts are supposed to be a place of love and happiness and sharing and you know, this disgusting moment has changed that for a second,” he said during an interview on British TV show Lorraine on Thursday. “But I don’t think we should live in fear at all. We do have to take the proper precautions but it’s not something that should deter us from the happiness that concerts bring.”
Many celebrities, including Ariana herself, have taken to social media following the attack to express their heartfelt condolences for those affected in the horrific bombing. However, Want to Want Me singer Jason added that while he wanted to make a public denouncement of such a cowardly act, he couldn’t find the right words to do so.
“I was going to post something on my social media, and I was thinking about what to say, I really felt like there was no words that were appropriate to how devastated I was about the situation,” he explained.
“I am truly devastated and my prayers go out to all the families, of course, because I know there’s no greater pain than losing a loved one.”
Meanwhile, Jason also discussed his upcoming plans in the interview with host Lorraine Kelly. Despite finding fame with his catchy pop hits, he is planning to go in a new musical direction with his next offering.
“I’m in the process of doing a country album with a big country band,” he smiled. “It’s been amazing to kind of bounce around. I’m not the kind of person that’s one dimensional. Me personally, I just love bouncing around.”

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