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Jason Isaacs so proud of co-star for opening up about Kevin Spacey harassment

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs has heaped praise on his Star Trek: Discovery castmate Anthony Rapp for coming forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey.
Rapp opened up about the time gay Spacey pinned him on a bed when he was just 14, and the Oscar winner was 26, in a recent Buzzfeed article, opening the way for others to accuse the Oscar winner of sexual harassment.
And now Isaacs has applauded his TV co-star for having the guts to speak out.
During an interview on U.K. TV talk show Lorraine, the Brit said, “He’s (Rapp) an amazing… he’s a very lovely guy.
“He did this thing by himself, but he did it for many other people. He had heard lots of rumours, he hoped that other stories would come out – there were a couple of days that they didn’t – and now they have; now there’s a whole flood of them and it’s just all power to him.
“We’re all incredibly proud of him. Speaking out against power takes a lot of guts, and being the first person to speak out is heroic.”
Following the publication of Rapp’s Buzzfeed article, Spacey apologised for his drunken behaviour via Twitter, but confessed he had no recollection of the night he pounced on the teenager.
The scandal prompted producers of Spacey’s political drama to halt production as they investigated other claims against the leading man, who was subsequently fired from the show.
Actor Richard Dreyfuss’ son, an unnamed British actor, and various former House of Cards co-workers have also since come forward with claims of sexual misconduct against Spacey.

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