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Jason Momoa inspired to learn bass by co-star Patrick Wilson

Actor Jason Momoa spent his time in between scenes on Aquaman learning how to play the bass guitar so he could jam with his co-star Patrick Wilson.
The former Game of Thrones star likes to keep busy when he’s not required on camera, and previously tested his musical skills while working on sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis, during which he picked up the slide guitar.
“There’s a bunch of stuff I want to learn,” he explained to Men’s Health magazine. “Instead of waiting around on set all day, I’d rather be learning something cool.”
When he discovered Wilson, who portrays Aquaman’s half brother, Ocean Master, was “awesome on the drums”, Momoa decided he needed to add bass player to his list of talents so they could rock out together off-screen.
During his interview, Jason showed off a tune he had just mastered on a Fender bass.
“Look at this thing, man! This thing is so f**kin’ bada**!” he exclaimed. “I just started learning this. I just can’t sit still, man. There’s too much s**t I want to do.”
He has since added a number of bass guitars to his personal collection of instruments, which includes one very special rock memento – a 1959 Gibson Les Paul once played by Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page.
Jason treated himself to the present after landing his bumper pay cheque for the forthcoming Aquaman blockbuster.
“This is my Aquaman guitar, dude,” the star shared as he admired the axe. “I saved a lot of money so I could get this thing.
“There’s only a hundred of these in the world. I have number nine.”
He then quipped, “I told my wife: one woman, lots of toys!”
Momoa, who recently wed actress Lisa Bonet, the mother of his two children, made his debut as Aquaman in last year’s (16) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and reprises his role in the new Justice League.
The standalone Aquaman movie is set for release in December, 2018.

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