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Jason Sudeikis’ son Otis tickled by Elmo and Beyonce

Actor Jason Sudeikis has credited his son’s love of Beyonce to his attendance at concerts while “in utero”.
The American star shared his little boy Otis, 22 months,equally loves the Formation singer, and Sesame Street character Elmo.
Jason and fiancee Olivia Wilde are thriving as parents to their first child. But it isn’t just Otis discovering new things every day, as Jason is just fascinated by his son’s hobbies and interests.
“I think Beyonce and Elmo are running neck and neck,” he shared with harpersbazaar.com when asked what Otis is into.
“(Finding) Nemo, Elmo, and Beyonce – that’s the holy trinity. He’s a big fan of this new song by Edward Sharpe called Hey Hey that Alex Ebert, the band leader, sent Liv. He’s constantly requesting that.”
Through his parents Otis has been exposed to “the musical virus of funk” even before he was born. “He was lucky enough… to go see, or hear, Kanye, Kendrick, Jay Z, and Arcade Fire in concert..”, the proud father explained.
“He likes the drums or, as he calls them, the ‘boom bops.’ I was showing him Buddy Rich do a drum battle against Animal from The Muppet Show. He has a little drum kit that he plays, but he just stopped and watched, either in awe or frustration.”
When he’s not watching drum solo’s Otis’ other passion is space. “He has a great pop-up space book that taught me that four moons can fit inside the Earth. It’s like reading bedtime stories with (cosmologist) Neil deGrasse Tyson”, explained Jason who has been engaged to Otis’ mother, Vinyl actress Olivia, for two years.
The Sleeping with Other People star got his big break after he was hired as a scriptwriter by Saturday Night Live in 2003. Two years later he became a regular player on the sketch show where he witnessed plenty of A-list performances during that time, including one by Justin Timberlake.
“It was my second show as a writer, and he was just coming off boy-band stardom,” Jason recalled.
“People were rolling their eyes, but I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club, and I knew all those kids were talented as hell. Justin was as comfortable on camera in that first episode as any of our cast members. I helped write a parody of (prank programme) Punk’d where he played Ashton Kutcher, and he ripped lines on the live show, oh my God. He was so comfortable and in his element. It was fun to see.”

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