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Javier Bardem: ‘We must save the planet for all of our kids’

Fatherhood has made Javier Bardem more passionate about his role as a climate change activist.
The Skyfall actor, who has two children with his actress wife Penelope Cruz, has become a vocal environmentalist and appeared before United Nations representatives in New York earlier this month to urge global officials to take greater action when it comes to protecting the planet.
“When I spoke to the UN I just gave my experience on a personal level of how it was to be on the Greenpeace Antarctic Sunrise (ship) to go to the Antarctic, and to have the experience of being a witness of so much beauty and so much fragility as well,” Bardem tells The Sunday Post.
The Spanish star also reveals that being a parent has made his work as an activist feel much more urgent.
“I’m a father of two kids – eight and six – and I didn’t want scientists telling them the world is going to collapse and all that. But the truth is that we are at a crossroads where strong decisions have to be made from all of us, on a personal level, and we know how difficult that is to do.”
He added, “Being a father, I ask, what are we going to give them in the future? How can we survive from here to 20 years from now, with the heat that is going to be on Earth? And that’s why we are trying to make some noise about it. Because we need the support. And we want it to happen in the best way possible.”

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