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Jeffrey Tambor gives the thumbs up to Arrested Development return

Veteran actor Jeffrey Tambor is all in for another season of cult comedy series Arrested Development.
Jason Bateman confirmed he has “officially signed on” to return as lead character Michael Bluth for a fifth season of the revived show in a Twitter post over the weekend (13May17), and now co-star Jeffrey has assured fans he will be back as the dysfunctional family’s patriarch Oscar for another run.
However, the comedy star claims Jason should not have made the news public because castmembers have been sworn to secrecy.
“I think it was an illegal tweet…!” he quipped on U.S. breakfast show Today on Tuesday (16May17).
Jeffrey then used his actions to confirm his involvement in season five, nodding and giving the camera two thumbs up as he claimed he was not allowed to discuss the renewal.
“We’re not supposed to say anything verbally,” he said, “but I can’t, I really can’t say anything, it would just be wrong. They (producers) will get very, very mad. We will get emails, probably, from my being reticent today.”
The ensemble series, which also stars Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and David Cross, and is narrated by Ron Howard, originally aired on TV from 2003 to 2006.
Arrested Development was revived for a fourth season for Netflix in 2013, and a fifth season was commissioned by streaming service bosses earlier this year (17), although a premiere date has yet to be set.

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