Jennifer Aniston: ‘Friends role helped me find my confidence’


Jennifer Aniston has revealed her breakout role in Friends helped her find her feet as an actress.

The 50-year-old played Rachel Green on the hit show, which ran for 10 years from 1994, alongside co-stars including Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox.

And speaking to InStyle, the star confessed her passion for the role and the nurturing environment on set helped develop her confidence in her career.

“I started to find my confidence when I was on Friends, for sure,” she explained. “In a way, being on that show was the ultimate trust exercise.

“There were comfort in numbers there, so we all held each other up. I miss a lot about that time.

Having a job that was absolute, pure joy. I miss getting to be with people I love massively and respect beyond words.”

The Murder Mystery star went on to confess she’s “super nostalgic” about her time on the show, adding: “Anything can make me go ‘Aww’.”

Jennifer previously shared her love for the show during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in June 2019, and insisted “anything is a possibility” when it comes to a potential reunion.

“Ohhhkay. Why not?” she said. “You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it.”