Jennifer Aniston snubbed Christopher Reeve as a kid

Jennifer Aniston will forever rue the day she snubbed actor Christopher Reeve as a child, because at the time, she had no idea who he was.
The Friends star grew up around a number of famous faces as her parents, actors Nancy Dow and John Aniston, used to host celebrity dinner parties at their family home.
One of their friends was Reeve, who had starred alongside the 50 year old’s dad on U.S. soap opera Love of Life, and he once even read a young Jennifer a bedtime story in the mid-1970s.
“I didn’t know they were famous because I was seven, I think, at the time,” she recalled on daytime show The Talk.
“My dad and my mum would always have either a dinner party or a poker party every month…, so I would always sneak down the hallway so I could get a peek into what was going on…
“My mum would constantly try to get me to go back to bed… and then finally one night she had Christopher Reeve… read me a bedtime story. (I) fell sound asleep – (he) didn’t impress me one lick!”
Their paths crossed again in 1978, while mother and daughter were en route to school, shortly before the release of Superman, which gave Reeve his big break – but again Jennifer wasn’t interested in chatting.
“Mum was taking me to school… like, a year and a half later – he had already shot Superman, and going into school, mum sees Chris on the street, they’re talking and talking and I’m going, ‘Mum, let’s go…,'” Jennifer shared.
It was only when the DC Comics adaptation was released that the youngster realised she had missed her opportunity to share a few moments with the movie superhero.
Jennifer continued, “Then we went to see Superman about a week later and I cried for days that she didn’t make me stop and talk to Superman! It was Christopher Reeve, he was so beautiful!”
Reeve, who was left quadriplegic after a horseriding accident in 1995, died in 2004, aged 52.