Jennifer Aniston treats Ellen DeGeneres with doorbell gift


Jennifer Aniston will never leave pal Ellen Degeneres‘ home after recording a doorbell message for the comedian.

The actress pre-taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as part of the host’s 60th birthday week of episodes, and she brought a very special gift.

Jennifer explained a friend had installed the device, featuring her daughter’s voice, and the former Friends star thought it would be a great gift for her home-loving pal and her wife Portia de Rossi.
Pressing the buzzer on her alarm, Jennifer’s message sounded: “Ding dong, it’s Jen. Someone’s at the door.”

DeGeneres seemed charmed by the gift on her two-hour 60th birthday event, which airs on Friday (02Feb18), stating, “That’s sweet.”

Aniston added, “I thought it would be really nice to have me in your house all the time.”
The thoughtful actress revealed she had also installed a talking doorbell at Ellen’s studio.

Stars have been dropping by Ellen’s show all week, while Justin Bieber sent her a special message, but no one could top a gift from the host’s wife Portia, who announced the launch of a gorilla sanctuary in Rwanda under the animal lover’s name.

De Rossi also brought Ellen to tears when she revealed she had also set up the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

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