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Jennifer Garner Gets Spin-Off as Elektra

Want more Daredevil? Well, get ready.

20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises announced Wednesday in a press statement that not only are they moving forward on a sequel to their smash hit Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck, but they are also developing a feature film around the ballsy and beautiful Elektra, played by Jennifer Garner.

In the Daredevil comics, Elektra is the daughter of powerful and rich Greek business tycoon Nikolas Natchios and the girlfriend of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Although she possesses no superhuman abilities, Elektra kicks some major butt as a consummate practitioner of the martial arts, wielding a pair of three-pronged daggers, or sai.

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The new Elektra story will be set after the events depicted in Daredevil, with Garner reprising the role. Script development will begin immediately.

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