Jennifer Lopez: ‘Alex Rodriguez marriage just might work’


Thrice-divorced Jennifer Lopez is confident her marriage to Alex Rodriguez will go the distance because the stars truly “complement each other” in every aspect of their lives.

The retired baseball ace proposed to Jennifer in March 2019 after two years of dating, and the couple is now trying to find time in its busy schedules to become husband and wife.

Recalling the moment A-Rod got down on bended knee on the beach in the Bahamas, the singer/actress said, “It wasn’t a shock. We had spoken about it (marriage), obviously, but it was a shock that day… I didn’t know it was happening that day.”

The superstar, who ended her last marriage to musician Marc Anthony, the father of her 11-year-old twins, in 2014, admits she never ruled out finding lasting love, because she’s such a romantic at heart.

“I always planned to get married again,” she told U.S. breakfast show Today. “I want to spend my life with somebody, I want to grow old with somebody, and I think that’s the goal, right? To find a partner to walk through this crazy thing with…”

And J.Lo believes she has finally found the ideal life partner in Alex.

“This could work, and trust me, I tried before!” she laughed of her previous relationship failures.

“We get along really well, we just compliment each other,” Jennifer continued. “He’s super supportive, he allows me to be who I am, and I want him to shine in the greatest way possible and to be his best self, and we just help each other be better people, in a way. And we love our families.”

“We’re very similar as well: we grew up the same, we both got in the public eye very young, we both had kind of, our hard moments in the public eye,” she said, touching on her marriage breakdowns and the sportsman’s steroids controversy back in 2009. “But at the same time, we keep coming back; we both have that thing (fighting spirit), too.”

“We have a lot of respect and admiration for each other,” she added, “and he helps me where I’m weak, and I help him where he’s weak, and he makes me stronger, and that’s what it is.”

Jennifer insists keeping their relationship strong takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to their children and their work schedules, but they do their best to keep everyone happy.

“It’s not an easy thing, but somehow it works really well,” she shared. “There’s just a lot of love there… We like each other, too; all of us like each other.”

Alex is a dad to two daughters from his former marriage to Cynthia Scurtis, whom he divorced in 2008.