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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want kids to grow up

Jennifer Lopez found coming to terms with her twins turning eight tough, as they’re “no longer babies”.
The singer-and-actress has Emme and Max with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and the kids celebrated their eight birthdays on 22 February (16). Although Jennifer had fun commemorating the special day with her children, it was hit by a sense of sadness over them getting older.
“We went to Disney at their request and it was a tough birthday for me because it was their first birthday where I realised… they’re not babies any more, you know what I mean?” she sighed to talk show host Seth Meyers. “That happened at eight for me, you think it’d be at five they’re not babies anymore, or six or seven. Night before eight, the night before they turned eight I’m like… (pulls crying face). You wait til they go to bed, you know how it is.”
Joining them on their visit to Disney in California was Jennifer’s beau Casper Smart, 28, and the clan was seen beaming as they wandered around the theme park. Despite constantly being snapped by photographers, Emme and Max aren’t phased by their parents’ celebrity lifestyles.
“They know (that I’m famous) and they’ve heard from school now because kids will say things at school…” she explained. “They know their dad sings. They’ve seen us perform. They’ve seen me on TV… They don’t care at all.”
They are thoughtful towards their hardworking parents though, as Jennifer previously revealed that her little ones go to extra lengths in order to ensure their mum is relaxed.
“My kids are used to their mommy working a lot,” Jennifer told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “They know I’m busy and we’re like a team. If I’ve been working a lot, they actually try to make sure that they don’t wake me up in the morning. They’re amazingly supportive and I try to stay with them as much as possible. They are usually with me wherever I’m working.”

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