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Jennifer Lopez loves hitting the dance floor with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez has found a dance partner and fan in boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.
While promoting her new competition show World of Dance and the series Shades of Blue during an NBC upfront event in New York on Monday (15May17), Lopez revealed the former baseball player enjoys hitting the dance floor.
“Alex loves dancing, absolutely,” Lopez tells the U.S. show Extra.
When asked if she and Rodriguez dance together, the 47-year adds, “Yeah, we have fun all the time so, yeah, but he loves to dance, he loves to dance — he loves the show (World of Dance).”
The singer/actress also notes that the former sportsman has watched the show with his children and her twins, Max and Emme.
“He’s seen the first few episodes, too — him, his daughters, my kids, they all watched it together and they loved it.”
Now the Waiting for Tonight hitmaker can’t wait for audiences to see the show.
“It’s so exciting, honestly; you produce something and you have an idea, you all work together and you don’t know how things are going to turn out. And when it turns out like this, you get so excited, ’cause you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s everything I thought it would be!’”
She continues, “It’s amazing dancing, amazing emotion, emotional stories, great contestants, great judges, great chemistry with all of us… it’s just awesome.”
Lopez is also thrilled that World of Dance offers a $1 million (£775,500) prize to the winner.
“They (contestants) can actually make some money, which never really existed for dancers,” she smiles. “I know, because I started as a dancer.”
The brunette beauty insists being a part of the drama Shades of Blue comes less naturally to her than working on World of Dance because playing her TV cop is “a hard gig”.
“Harley’s an intense character,” she adds. “I do like playing her, it’s such a different side of me. I really get to dig my teeth into acting.”

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