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Jennifer Lopez:’I just get better and better’

Jennifer Lopez believes she just gets ‘better and better’ as she grows more experienced.
The 45-year-old American Idol judge who recently re-signed with her original record label, Epic, admits that she no longer worries about her place in the world of showbiz.
Lopez’s return to Epic means reuniting with longtime friend and mentor L.A. Reid, and she now has a wealth of industry and life experience into new music compared to when she was first starting out as a dancer on a TV show turned pop star.
“When you first start in this business, you think, ‘This is going to run out’ or ‘It’s going to finish at a certain time’ or ‘If I reach a certain age I won’t be relevant'”, the mother of two explained.
However, she says it’s something she no longer worries about having grown in confidence as she has aged.
“I just get better and better with more experience and more life. I have more to give to what I do and that’s what I look forward to when creating this record,” shared Lopez.
During an interview on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday (03Mar16), the “Booty” singer opened up about everything in her life, from her relationship with dancer Casper Smart to her Las Vegas residency.
“The residency was a dream. When I think of Vegas, I think of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and iconic performers,” she told Williams.
“Before I even signed my deal to go to Vegas, when they were offering it to me, I went and saw a bunch of shows. I saw everybody. I saw Britney Spears, I saw Shania Twain.”
And in a reference to diva Mariah Carey of whom she famously said, “I don’t know her”, she clarified: “I didn’t see Mariah because at the time she wasn’t playing,” Wendy responded, “Who? No, I’m playing. That’s what Mariah said about Jennifer one time.”
Lopez laughed and brushed it off, saying, “She does say that. She’s forgetful I guess! We’ve met many times. I don’t know…I don’t know her that well.”

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