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Jennifer Lopez’s friends call her the Bronx Barbie

Jennifer Lopez has been nicknamed the “Bronx Barbie” by her friends, thanks to her showstopping style.
The superstar has long been considered a fashion icon by her fans, and the Jenny From The Block hitmaker admits her constantly evolving style has earned her a rather appropriate moniker from her pals.
“People always joke that they get to be around six different Jennifers all the time,” the New York native tells People StyleWatch. “They call it Barbie – there’s Bronx Barbie when I’m doing my music stuff, or Business Mogul Jennifer when I’m all dressed up.”
The 47-year-old likes her outfits to reflect how she feels at any given time, so she works closely with her stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn to express herself with her clothing choices.
“It just depends on what I’m doing,” J.Lo says. “I dress to how I feel in the moment – my style is an expression of who I am that day, and it changes every day.”
“I have a core of what I like and who I am,” she continues. “I like classy, but I like it to be sexy, and I like to feel confident. I have a little bit of Bronx in me, but I also have a lot of couture in me, too. I love the classics. It’s just a mix of everything I’ve been exposed to throughout the years.”
To keep herself in shape to look her best on the red carpet, Jennifer works out with a variety of top celebrity trainers.
“I work out with Tracy Anderson, which is a mix of dance and heat and all that kind of thing,” she explains. “I also like to workout with Gunnar Peterson and David Kirsch, so I can get my circuit training in. I don’t like to get stuck on one thing.”
And the busy mother of twins, who is dating former New York Yankees baseball ace Alex Rodriguez, prefers to keep her beauty routine simple whenever she gets to enjoy a little downtime in between her various endeavours, which currently include her Las Vegas concert residency, her TV drama Shades of Blue, her fashion lines, and her new reality competition, World of Dance.
“It’s all about a sunscreen, and you have to give yourself a lot of moisture and hydration,” she says. “Drink water, wear sunscreen every day and take care of yourself – that’s when you’ll feel really good.”

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