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Jermaine Jackson hoping to get singing lessons from Salma Hayek’s mum

The I Want You Back hitmaker was preparing for an appearance on breakfast TV show Good Morning America with his brothers on Wednesday (26Jun12) when he ran into Hayek, who was there to promote her upcoming movie, Savages.

And while the worn-out Puss in Boots star admits she was caught out by their chance meeting, Jackson politely asked for help in landing Hayek’s mother Diana Jimenez Medina as his new voice coach.

During a Wednesday night (27Jun12) appearance on U.S. comedian Jimmy Fallon’s TV show, the actress said, “This super nice guy starts talking to me about my mother, who is an opera singer; how great (she is), that he heard her sing, that he’s thinking about training with her, because she’s also a coach, and that they talked about it.

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“(He said,) ‘Please send her my love.’ I’m like, ‘OK great. And are you gonna sing here?’ He’s like, ‘No, no we’re singing at the Apollo (Theatre).’ I’m like, ‘Well congratulations, good luck guys! What’s your name so I can tell my mum?’ He goes, ‘Jermaine’. And I go, ‘OK, Jermaine… I’ll give her a call.’ And then I sit there and I go, ‘Jermaine Jackson!’

“I had a whole conversation with the four of them (Jackson brothers) and if I could not recognise one of them immediately, you think maybe (I would recognise) the other one(s). I’m just so tired that (I didn’t put it all together).”

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