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Jesse Eisenberg to portray The Raft Of The Medusa painter in new film

Jesse Eisenberg and Pierce Brosnan are teaming up for a film revolving around the famous The Raft Of The Medusa painting.
The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice villain will star as artist Theodore Gericault, while Brosnan will play his uncle and nemesis Caruel in The Medusa. Vanessa Redgrave will also feature in the movie, as Gericault’s innkeeper.
Girl With A Pearl Earring filmmaker Peter Webber will direct the film, which is based on Jonathan Miles’ 2007 book The Wreck Of The Medusa.
The project centres on Gericault’s discovery that his best friend and 100 other men lost their lives in the wreck of the naval vessel Medusa near Senegal due to the captain’s incompetence. Following the tragedy, the artist becomes obsessed with seeking the truth about the crash and painting his famous masterpiece.
The movie, adapted from a screenplay written by Sophia Al-Maria, is expected to begin production later this year (17) following a launch at the Cannes Film Festival in France later this month (May17). It is unclear when the project will be released.
“Before the sinking of the Titanic, the story of The Medusa was the greatest sea disaster people had heard of,” producer Raffaella De Laurentiis says. “I was captivated the first time I saw Gericault’s painting of it in the Louvre and for the next twenty years I wanted to see it become a film. So, it was a joy to discover that Peter Webber had conceived of a way to tell the story from the painter’s perspective that made it emotional and poignant within the epic scope of the tragedy.”

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