Jesse Williams Forced to Give Ex More Spousal Support


Actor Jesse Williams has been hit with a hefty spousal support increase after his estranged wife went to court to ask for more cash.

As a result, a judge has ordered Jesse to pay out over $50,000-per-month – $17,000 more than he was giving Aryn Drake-Lee.

She insisted her soon-to-be-ex could and should pay more, according to TMZ.

The spousal support hike is the latest development in the couple’s acrimonious divorce.

Under the latest deal, Aryn is now responsible for paying all mortgage obligations and various other expenses related to the family home. She’s also getting half of Jesse’s residuals from his work on Grey’s Anatomy and other projects from September, 2012, to April, 2017.

Meanwhile, Jesse has also been told he must hand over $50,000 in advance to cover his wife’s legal fees.

The actor is reportedly seeking a modification in his custody agreement following a disagreement with Drake-Lee over the holidays.

He and Aryn managed to strike a custody deal in November (17), which permitted Williams to have the couple’s kids Sadie and Maceo stay over at his place if his scheduled visit with them fell on a weekend.

According to TMZ, Williams recently filed new documents, accusing Drake-Lee of not abiding by the custody and visitation agreement and only letting him see the children for a limited time over Christmas and on New Year’s Day (01Jan18). He also alleges his wife does not pick up video calls from him, so he can talk to his children, and when she does, it is only for a few minutes.

The actor is asking a judge to enforce a custody schedule with the children and he is also seeking custody on two weekdays.

Jesse has since moved on from his failed marriage, amid rumors suggesting he is dating actress Minka Kelly.