Jessica Alba donates 1.5 million diapers for Mother’s Day


Jessica Alba celebrated her first Mother’s Day as the mom of baby son Hayes by donating 1.5 million diapers from her The Honest Company to women in need.

The mom-of-three gave the diapers to non-profit Baby2Baby, which provides children under 12 years of age with basic necessities like diapers and clothing.

“At The Honest Company, we’re devoted to empowering people to live happy, healthy lives,” she tells “A mother should never have to choose between feeding her children and buying diapers. Baby2Baby helps new mothers so they don’t have to make that impossible decision, and we can’t think of a better charitable partner for The Honest Company.”

Alba has also pledged to give the non-profit diaper and hygiene bundles for 600 families a year.
Meanwhile, Alba also reflected on motherhood in a legthy post on Instagram, revealing how much she has changed since becoming mom to Honor, Haven, and Hayes, who was born on New Year’s Eve (31Dec17).

“Motherhood: it’s a doozy, isn’t it?,” she wrote. “Your world gets turned completely upside down. Everything you thought you knew about what was important is no longer… Little people change you. To love and need someone that much and have them love and need you just as much… it’s the best and hardest and most heartbreaking thing there is…”

She also paid tribute to fans and The Honest Company consumers for helping her become the mum she is: “As a first-time mother (to Honor, who was born in June, 2008), I was still learning about this person I had become,” she added. “And I felt like everything had to be just perfect…

“This Mother’s Day (and really, every day), I want to thank you for trusting us @honest to be a part of your journey. And I want to let you know that even if it doesn’t always feel like it, you’ve got this. It’s not gonna be perfect. But you’re an amazing mama. And that’s everything.”