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Jessica Chastain and Queen Latifah launch new production company

Actresses including Jessica Chastain, Queen Latifah, and Freida Pinto are launching a production company to champion female empowerment in film and TV.
The celebrities, plus Juliette Binoche, Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, and director Catherine Hardwicke, are members of the advisory board for We Do It Together, a non-profit production company.
They will collaborate on producing projects which will help change female stereotypes and create more opportunities for women, and all proceeds from their work will be re-invested into the company.
The founder, Italian film producer Chiara Tilesi, will discuss the company’s plan at the United Nations’ 3rd Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit in New York on 29 February (16), and their first film project will be announced at the Cannes Film Festival in May (16).
Jessica has been outspoken in the gender pay gap debate and the lack of female-led films. In December (15), she penned an essay for The Hollywood Reporter recalling how different her filming experience was on The Zookeeper’s Wife because women were in the power positions including director, producer, and screenwriter.
She wrote, “Some people might say a woman can’t direct this because of that, or a man can’t direct that because of this… I don’t like to do that. Look at Kathryn Bigelow – she can do incredible action films. Or Anthony Minghella, who directed the most beautiful, sensitive romances. For me, sex really isn’t the qualifier in the way someone directs.
“And the wonderful thing about having so many women on set is there hasn’t been anyone who has screamed or anything like that. It’s a very collaborative experience, and it’s been heaven for me. We all hang out all the time; there are no strange power plays or egos. We know how rare making this kind of film is. We’re giddy with happiness.”
Jessica recently launched her own production company, Freckle Films.

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