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Jessica Chastain: ‘I want to be part of a new Hollywood’

Jessica Chastain will only keep working in Hollywood if the recent spate of sex scandals help effect real change in the industry.
The Martian star has thought long and hard about her future as a movie star ever since New York Times and New Yorker exposes last month (Oct17) detailed shocking allegations of sexual abuse and rape against shamed mogul Harvey Weinstein.
“When you think about the industry… encouraging people to stay closeted (hide their sexuality)… not showing stories of women with their own agency and leading their own stories, and also, actually, ignoring many groups, many demographics in our country… for me, that’s not an industry that I actually want to be a part of,” she tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight.
And she thinks the industry’s failings go far beyond its very poor treatment of women.
“It’s about everything in this industry,” she adds. “We’re very quick to separate ourselves from the current administration, or things that are going on in the world.
“I want to be a part of an industry that is very inclusive, one that teaches empathy.”
She’s also thrilled that her timely new film, Molly’s Game, about real-life high-stakes poker planner Molly Bloom, is all about a woman holding the reins in another world traditionally run by men.
“That’s what makes me so excited about this film coming out now,” Jessica smiles. “That’s what makes me so excited about the conversations that are happening between artists, is that, we’re kinda taking over (sic). It’s like, ‘You know what? OK, there’s a new group coming forward and we want to showcase the world that we see around us’.”
Molly’s Game will be released this Christmas.

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