Jessica Chastain used fame to get friend out of speeding ticket


Jessica Chastain once flaunted her fame to help get a friend out of receiving a speeding ticket.

During an appearance on Friday night’s (05May17) episode of Britain’s The Graham Norton Show, the Zero Dark Thirty actress recalled some of the perks of being in the spotlight, including one incident when she used her celebrity status to help out a pal.

“I wasn’t driving but we got pulled over for speeding and I thought, ‘This is a disaster,’ but the cop looked at me and said, ‘Are you an actor?'” she said. “When I said yes he asked what films I have been in and I knew that was my moment to get out of the ticket and that I had better say the right film.

“I looked him up and down and thought, ‘The Help? No,’ and said Zero Dark Thirty and he said, ‘O.K., can I have your picture?'”

Kevin Bacon, another guest on the show, also had a similar story, and recalled a time when he was pulled over for speeding. Though he was worried he was going to be arrested due to having “contraband” in his vehicle, the cop happened to be a Footloose fan, and he was let off with a warning.

“There might have been a little contraband in the car so my heart rate was starting to climb,” he explained. “He then asked me to get in his car and we just sat there for a while. Finally he said, ‘I want you to know that the first date I ever had was to Footloose.'”

Jessica, 40, appeared on the show to promote her new movie Miss Sloane, in which she plays an ambitious lobbyist trying to drum up support for a bill which calls for more background checks on gun purchases.

The movie came out in the four days after the election of President Donald Trump and Jessica admits it was “tough release for me emotionally” because she didn’t want to talk about politics at the time.

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