Jessie J Turned Down Kick-Ass 2 Role

British pop star Jessie J turned down a role in Kick-Ass 2 because of her “ridiculous” schedule.

The “Price Tag: hitmaker, who penned a song for the 2013 superhero blockbuster, was too busy to take on the part which was written especially for her. She tells Off The Record magazine, “I’ve been offered superheroes (sic). I was also offered a part in the last Kick-Ass movie. There was a role written for me in the film. I went and met with them but I couldn’t do it. My schedule is ridiculous.”

Jessie J insists music is her priority and taking on the role could have compromised her latest album. She adds, “I’ve been approached again about another film but I’m somebody who definitely likes to focus on one thing so it doesn’t get diluted. My pet hate is when an album and a film suffers because everyone is trying to do too much at once.” However, the singer has not ruled out movie work in the future, adding, “Maybe next year or the year after, if the right role comes along.”