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Jeweler to the stars Harry Winston on Oscars 2002

Carol Brodie-Gelles, a spokeswoman for the famed jewelry designer Harry Winston, known for decades as the place where stars borrow fabulous baubles, revealed what lovers of dazzling diamonds and jaw-dropping gems can expect to see.

“I think, less shine. Downplayed shine,” says Brodie-Gelles, adding that this year’s jewelry trends will feature subdued colors, subdued materials and diamonds in a rainbow of colors ranging from bright white to pink to orange to brown and even black. “It’s going to be the Baskin-Robbins of diamonds.”

This year a pink dress will almost naturally guarantee pink diamond accessories–reflecting the very put-together trend that’s currently popular. “Fashion is definitely taking its course in jewels this year,” she says.
While there may be more individual pieces adorning the necks, wrists, lobes and digits of celebs, but their combined price won’t be quite as stratospheric as it has been in the past. “The dollar amount is not the general theme.”

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Despite the slightly downplayed dazzle, the House of Winston expects this year to be as glamorous as ever, especially given that the jeweler was already called upon to adorn Halle Berry at this year’s Golden Globes. Indeed, Winston’s workshop is working “24/7” to fulfill this year’s Oscar orders. “We’re turning out jewelry faster than designers are turning out gowns,” she confides. “This is, in my memory, one of the most difficult Oscars because each leading lady is so incredibly stylish.”

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