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Joanna Krupa bloodied and naked for anti-wool campaign

Model and reality TV star Joanna Krupa has stripped off in a bid to draw attention to sheep cruelty.
The Polish-American beauty posed naked in bloody make-up with a model of a beaten lamb in a new ad for animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
The Real Housewives of Miami star hopes the graphic nature of the ad will highlight alleged abuses within the wool industry and shock members of the public into boycotting the fabric.
“My PETA ad may be shocking to look at, but I hope it will open people’s eyes and encourage them to choose kind, wool-free fashion,” she says.
Over the past two years, activists at PETA have been investigating the wool industry, and Joanna was shocked by the alleged cruel treatment they uncovered.
“I had no idea that people were so cruel”, she says. “They beat these sheep in these wool farms. Some of them get slammed, break their necks. Millions of them each year. They end up dying. They’re shearing the animals so quickly that they cut them open sometimes, and they sew them without any painkillers.”
Other celebrities who have joined PETA’s campaigns against animal cruelty in the fashion industry include Pamela Anderson, who is an honorary director of the organisation, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz.

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