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Jodie Kidd reveals post-partum depression hell

The former model, who delivered her son Indio in September, 2011, admits she was so ashamed of the weight she gained while pregnant, she refused to leave the house after becoming a mother.

She tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “I suffered depression and just couldn’t face going out because of the size I was. I admit I was hiding away. It’s been hell. I pretended I didn’t care but I did, passionately.

“It’s a sad thing for some of us women who find it harder to lose their baby weight. I avoided social functions and tended to stay in with Indio.”

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Kidd has since managed to shed several pounds and is writing a book to help fellow new mums who are desperate to shift the baby weight.

She adds, “One good thing has come out of it – I’m doing a new diet book! I have lost three dress sizes and I can still eat – lovely Vacheron cheese and spaghetti Bolognese. I love eating, I don’t want to be a model with a lettuce leaf!”

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