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Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato elevator drama was a prank

Joe Jonas has revealed the elevator drama he posted on Snapchat at the weekend (23-25Sep16) was all prank.
The singer and his ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato, who are now good friends following their split in 2010, claimed they experienced a near disaster hours before an exclusive show for Marriott Reward Members in Los Angeles, when they were trapped inside an elevator for four hours with Joe’s DNCE bandmates last week (ends23Sep16).
Joe documented the incident on Snapchat by posting a video in which he spoke directly to the camera and said, “We’ve been stuck in an elevator for four hours.” Demi, who was standing behind him, grimaced and muttered, “Oh my God.”
He then moved his camera around to show his bandmates and ended the video by sighing.
However, Joe has now revealed the former couple was joking.
“It was a lot less dramatic,” he tells People magazine. “It was a total prank and we fooled everyone. I made the video saying we got stuck in the elevator, but we really weren’t. But I guess it’s bad karma to say that because I don’t want to get stuck in the elevator anytime soon.”
“(Demi and I) were talking yesterday and I said, ‘I think we fooled everyone because it’s on every press site’, but we really weren’t stuck in the elevator,” he continues.
Joe goes on to explain he has been caught in a similar situation in the past and it is not something he wants to relive.
“I have been stuck in an elevator before and it was terrifying,” he says.
Joe recently opened up to Billboard magazine about his friendship with Demi, saying she’s the “best version of herself I’ve ever known”, after she sought help for her addiction issues in rehab.
“I know a lot of friends who’ve gone through similar things and it’s when you have to live with your new self for a few years – that comes with a lot of struggle,” he added. “And being a pop star on top of that, that’s a lot of pressure, but she’s amazing at speaking truth to what she believes.”

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